Early History

Home to years of history, which stretched far and wide. Due to the characteristic weather, the earliest explorers completely bypassed the area. The first settlement in the area was founded 1770 as a mission community. In addition to the mission, a military fort was built.

Upon gaining independence, the area grew quickly. The old system gradually came to an end and private ownership of land became common. The first significant settlement on the outside of the area. As the new settlement gradually grew, a street plan developed and became attractive to settlers. Over the next years, the area officially became part of the surrounding country.

The area began to explode in population with many immigrants seeking fortunes, creating one of the largest imigrant populations. During this time, many large organizations and businesses grew and did very well. With all this success came quick growth and city planning and infrastructure were necessary. This led to better living conditions and many good years.

Later Growth

In the 1890’s, a large campaign began to improve the city, the success of which led to a renaming. In 1901, a natural disaster changed the city and a fire destroyed much of the area. The decision was made to start a rebuilding plan for the city, with new parks and landmarks.

After the Great Depression of the 1930’s, the city was mostly unharmed. It was during this time that government construction projects were conceived and built. It was also this time the government established a prison which would hold some of the most notorious criminals of the time.

After World War II, the city continued to grow in size and population. Planning projects at the time led to more downtown buildings and the destruction of many neighborhoods to build roads. In the same period, the city became a center of cultural movement, contributing to the current outlook.

Recent History

More recently, the city has has experienced a boom in business and population. Despite falling victim to the economic trouble, the city’s economy mostly recovered and neighborhoods continue to survive. Today the city is known for its cultural outlook and remains one of the top tourist destinations. Tourism is the city’s largest industry.